Falling For Velvet

What this blog has always allowed me to do is provide an outlet for what some would describe as a shopping problem whether it’s for furniture or shoes. Every time fashion week or a major season change rolls around I find myself avoiding temptation.…

September 7, 2017

New Beginnings

It’s been a while and I think I’m ready to dive into a lot. It has taken a couple of years, but I’ve figured some things out for myself about what I’m looking for out of life. I’m told a lot that “you have it…

September 4, 2017
CityComfortsDC | Man Space 2

Man Space: Part 2

Usually I can sum up the style of spaces easily. This one was a little bit of a conundrum for me even though I knew exactly what I was going for. The best way I would describe this is Casual Industrial with a scandinavian,…

March 7, 2016
CityComfortsDC | Oscars

4 Oscar Inspirations, 10 Date Night Outfits

Red carpet season is always full of beautiful looks we’d all love to wear. But if you’re like me I’m not dressing up for the Oscar’s anytime soon. They’ve inspired me though to bring it to my next date night. From four gorgeous women, Saiorse Ronan,…

March 4, 2016
CityComfortsDC | Kitchen Basics Devol Kitchens

Kitchen {Not So} Basics

As of late I haven’t been cooking much, but that isn’t usually the case. I love cooking and finding new recipes. If you don’t cook much now maybe these items will inspire you. When ever we move out on our own or finally leave…

March 2, 2016

Man Space: Part 1

The “man cave”. Really in this case the man apartment. In light of my boyfriends recent move and complete lack of furniture I offered to help him find some. He hates furniture shopping and I browse home stuff for fun so it’s the perfect situation.…

February 29, 2016
CityComfortsDC | Spring Outfit

Spring Into Action

It’s February and we’re still in the dead of winter. I love all the seasons mostly because it’s an excuse to mix up my wardrobe. This year I couldn’t help myself I’ve already started thinking about what I want to wear this Spring. I…

February 26, 2016

Ripped Tights & Burnt Hands

The past few months have been a challenge. In particular the last month and a half, and it’s the reason why I went from being more active on the blog to what appeared to be a permanent hiatus. I was too tired, stressed and busy…

February 24, 2016
CityComfortsDC | Modern Home

Modern Home Essentials

Lets just say I’ve been busy with complicated issues and the blog unfortunately is the first thing to suffer in my list of to-do’s. BUT I needed some good old fashioned therapy. What’s my version of therapy you ask? Shiny, pretty home goods of…

February 22, 2016
CityComfortsDC | Gift Guides

10 Last Minute Gift Guides

Christmas is here, like REALLY here, this week here. If you’re in the position I’m in I also needed to buy a couple of birthday gifts besides a those last few Christmas ones. My mom’s birthday is on the 30th and I will always get…

December 21, 2015
CityComfortsDC | Holiday DIY post

Holiday DIY

Admittedly I wish I did more DIY projects especially as the holiday and winter season rolls around, but I’m often stifled by the fact I live in an apartment. Here are some projects fit for apartments and houses alike. I know we’re a week away…

December 18, 2015
CityComfortsDC | Gifts for Men Under $100

Under $100: Gentleman Gifts

Honestly I thought doing a post on gifts for men would be harder than my under $100 for the ladies. I was happy to discover that wasn’t the case! Sometimes I really do struggle to think of gifts for the guys in our lives, but…

December 16, 2015
CityComfortsDC | Lady Gifts Under $100

Under $100: Lady Gifts

It’s December and you’re in buy, buy, buy mode. The month of gift giving can be daunting, exhausting and down right expensive. Not to mention you always run into those moments where you question yourself. Here’s lady items under $100 for your best friend and your white-elephant…

December 14, 2015
CityComfortsDC | HP_Burgundy

Burgundy Staples

Everything below is considered a style item staple with a burgundy edge. When fall came around this year I went straight for the color because obviously it’s gorgeous and classic. Now it’s winter and I haven’t stopped loving it. The root of this entire post…

December 11, 2015
CityComfortsDC | Grind

The Grind

It’s safe to say a few months ago I had a couple things come along that I wasn’t expecting especially in the midst of me trying to plan my next move. I still plan to make that move, but it’s been delayed. It’s all new, exciting,…

December 9, 2015
CityComfortsDC | HP_HolidayHost

Holiday Hostess

Maybe this year you’re into throwing blow out holiday parties or do you prefer more refined tailored and catered dinners? Either way we have you covered in the looks department. After all last week we did share some fabulous winter dress options. Each item…

December 7, 2015