Man Space: Part 2

March 7, 2016

Usually I can sum up the style of spaces easily. This one was a little bit of a conundrum for me even though I knew exactly what I was going for. The best way I would describe this is Casual Industrial with a scandinavian, mid-century edge. Man Space Part 1 was for the most part very hard lined. Lots of steel, concrete and square lines. I like that but this is, if you will, the informal version of industrial inspired. The metal is incorporated into the pieces in a more organic way with lighter toned wood accents. There’s an “air” in this space meaning less heavy all around, while still keeping a minimal approach. If you’re wondering about the couch it is the same family as the one from Part 1, but streamlined. Without all the concrete and steel we didn’t need as many pillows.

Finally, a note about mirrors. I’ve noticed some men don’t buy floor length mirrors for what ever reason. They don’t care and they don’t make the purchase. However I will tell you any partners you may have are likely to want to be able to look at themselves full length. Do yourself and your future relationships a favor and BUY a floor length mirror. Links below the collage.

CityComfortsDC | Man Space Part 2

01 Dunham couch 02 Flat weave rug 03 Industrial display table 04 Dixon side table 05 Erik leather winged chair 06 Adesso floor lamp 07 Dixon console 08 Marble Wall clock 09 Target Wood Ceramic lamp 10 Leather Strap Tear Mirror 11 Metal + Wood Floor Mirror 12 Studded Pillow 13 Woven Block Pillow 14 No Sleep Till Brooklyn Print 15 Large geometric terrarium


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Cover: West Elm

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