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February 22, 2016

Lets just say I’ve been busy with complicated issues and the blog unfortunately is the first thing to suffer in my list of to-do’s. BUT I needed some good old fashioned therapy. What’s my version of therapy you ask? Shiny, pretty home goods of course! I recently made a couple new prints as well and figured I would pair one of my recent shop adds with other Etsy items I’ve been eyeing. One of my favorite items in here is a blanket made by BOTEH. My boyfriend bought me a blanket I told him I loved by them for my birthday and it’s wonderful. They’re 100% wool and beautifully crafted. Links are below the collage, click around and enjoy.

CityComfortsDC | Modern Home Essentials

01 Beyonce Quote Print by CityComfortsDC

02 Hexagon Dishes by Convivial

03 Copper Cup by Yield Design Co

04 Swiss Cross Basket by Jennifer Helene Home

05 Marbled Hexagon Concrete Box by In.Sek Design

06 Orb Lamp by Worleys Lighting

07 Wool Throw Blanket by BOTEH

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