CityComfortsDC Owls

Owl Obsessions

Have I ever mentioned my bizarro obsession with owls? It’s real. Here’s some snowy holiday owls I can’t resist. 01 Glitter Owl Ornaments 02 Owl Couplet Tree Topper 03 Wild Masquerade Teapot 04 Lare Eyes Mercury Glass Owl 05 Anthropologie Feathered Owl Ornaments (Not Seen) 06…

November 30, 2015

Tis The Season

Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/the next two weeks of sales draining your wallet has begun. While I love a great deal I’ve decided not to write about sales going on this year only because if you’re into blogs there’s already lots…

November 28, 2015
Popsicles | CityComfortsDC

Popsicle Wrap Up

  Summer drew to a close on Wednesday (Sept 23rd) and with that I wanted one last little summer hurrah. So I felt compelled to go on a popsicle recipe binge… Here’s several of my favorite recipes I’ve collected over the past couple years. A few are boozy…

September 25, 2015
Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey


In the evolution of Lana Del Rey she recently released her full album Honeymoon. Previous to the September 18th launch date she had debuted the single High by the Beach, which makes sense because it sounds the closest to all of her other music…

September 23, 2015
Magazine Storage CityComfortsDC

Storage for Your Light Reading

Yes, yes I know it’s been a long time in the world of blogging since I’ve posted something new. Good news I’m back! There’s been plenty going on. Some good, some bad, some whatever. Anyway the other day I was staring at my stacks…

September 21, 2015
DWR Granit Set | CityComfortsDC

Simple Ceramics

I might have gone overboard with this collection, but I couldn’t help myself. There is often something beautiful deeply embedded in objects that are simple, clean and functional. Clearly it’s why Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern design styles took off. There’s also the feeling, tactile and yummy,…

July 1, 2015
4th of July Fashion | CityComfortsDC

Fourth Fashion: Casual to Going All Night Long

Who doesn’t like an excuse to dress with a theme? For me it’s about dressing for the 4th of July while not going too over-the-top. Although going high style for the red, white and blue holidays is not for everyone – if you want to…

June 30, 2015
Noteworthy Notebooks

Noteworthy Notebooks

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Type A designer and small business owner. With that comes a need for me to make a lot of lists, a place to jot down random ideas, important notes for clients and tons of sketching that…

June 18, 2015
Music Tuesday's: Week 02

Music Tuesday’s: Week 02

This week is seriously all about the indie alternative, electro, synth-pop. Some AMAZING news is Glass Animals is coming to DC on August 5th to 9:30 Club. You better believe my friends and I already have tickets. One of those friends had a good point that…

June 16, 2015

Creative & Love in Iceland

Creative and love go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just ask my friend Joe who made this video. He typically flexes his production skills for millions of television viewers. He and his girlfriend took a trip to Iceland and of course captured fantastic cinematography…

June 16, 2015
Father's Day

To Guys In Our Lives

Father’s Day shouldn’t just be about dad’s should it? Why not spread the love to the guys who make your life a happier place (generally, sometimes we do want to strangle them). Plus face it, it’s the week of Father’s Day and what have…

June 15, 2015
Owl Home Decor

The Athena Factor: Owl Decor

Anyone who has been to my apartment knows I have a thing for owl related decor. I usually get asked, “what’s up with the owls” because of my little collection. I call it The Athena Factor. I’m going to nerd out for a moment…

June 15, 2015
Florence + The Machine

A Wanderlust Soul & Florence

Last night I had a strong urge to wander and revisit my thoughts. I figured a walk to the Washington Monument then Lincoln Memorial after work was the perfect opportunity. I ended up soul searching for about about four and half miles, while listening to…

June 9, 2015
CityComfortsDC Landmarks Artwork

Saying Good Luck Not Goodbye

A funny thing about DC, like many cities most of its residents are transplants. I live in the land of politics as a creative and the creative community is expanding here. However, most of my friends work in policy. One of my best friends,…

June 8, 2015
Haute Tan Outfit

Haute Tan: Sun Not Included

I’m obsessed with everything in this combination. I’m admitting I love everything about my own post. Deal with it. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but I hope you’re into it too. Everything started with this Sincerely Jules “Célfie” shirt I bought…

June 5, 2015
City Comforts Petite Planters

Petite Planters

It’s not that I don’t have a green thumb, it’s that well… plants are something else to think about. Maybe this sounds incredibly lazy or maybe irresponsible to you to waste what mother nature has provided, but the reality is plants die in my…

June 3, 2015